Scottish Salmon and sea trout are under constant threat. We are here to protect them.

The problems facing our migratory fish are real, present and increasing.
Marine survival for salmon remains at historically low levels now for every 100 juvenile fish that go to sea, no more than five will return. It is vital that we do everything to ensure that the maximum number of wild smolts leave our rivers and reach the open ocean safely, and that as many returning adults as possible reach their natal rivers.

  • Salmon abundance (adults returning to our coasts) is now less than 20% of that seen 50 years ago
  • Fish farming is destroying west Highland and Hebridean wild salmon and sea trout stocks and iconic sea trout fisheries like Loch Maree are no more
  • At least 14,000 Scottish salmon are still killed by coastal netsmen

We work in all those areas that it is possible to make a difference, from the smallest burn to mighty rivers, lochans to lochs and sea lochs to open coastline.

We apply pressure without fear or favour on the Scottish Government and other authorities to act.

If you care about the future of wild salmon and trout, JOIN US NOW