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S&TA in the media

Latest media coverage to 7 October

22 August. Drafting statement on the utter inadequacy of Scottish Government's ambitions regarding spring salmon conservation, following SG's announcement of a consultation on the same.

18 August. Catastrophe of salmon farm 'sea-lice soup' hits juvenile salmon and sea-trout across huge area of the west coast and western isles

S&TA(S) congratulates local council for principled planning decisions to safeguard wild salmon and sea-trout but castigates Minister for allowing wild salmon catastrophe to continue on his watch

Autumn 2014. Trout& Salmon - News Reel. "Governments urged to save salmon".

13 August. Conservation organisation calls on Scottish Ministers to act now to limit salmon exploitation in response to the worst runs in decades.

Netting catch of salmon in Scotland leaps by massive 50% in 2013



Chemical Pollution of the Seabed Continues

  • Press & Journal, 14 June.Click here to view the full story

Scottish Salmon Farms Seabed Pollution