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Our work

S&TCS campaigns on behalf of game anglers and other wild fish interests to conserve, protect and improve salmon, trout and other native fish stocks in Scotland – by ensuring that both the freshwater and, where applicable, marine habitats are as pristine and unpolluted as possible, that the negative impact of aquaculture is minimised and that any exploitation of stocks is clearly sustainable.

We aim to influence Scottish Government and other authorities through the media and lobbying. We are also prepared where appropriate to instigate or support legal action in order to prevent damage to fish stocks and the aquatic environment. Most importantly, our work is supported by sound, peer-reviewed science.

Current campaigns include:

  • The STAnd up for wild salmon campaign, employing the services of leading environmental lawyer Guy Linley-Adams, consistently exposes the damage caused by and the absence of any effective regulation of Scotland’s salmon farming industry.
  • S&TCUK's SAVE OUR WILD SCOTTISH SALMON petition, calling on Scottish Government to remedy the devastating impact of salmon farms, attracted 17,000 signatures and is still being considered by a Scottish Parliament committee.
  • S&TCS supported with practical and legal help the Esk District Fisheries Board’ s petition for a Judicial Review on the Scottish Government’s decision to issue a licence to allow an extension of coastal netting into September. The action was successful and the licence revoked.
  • S&TCS has backed Brechin Angling Club’s formal complaint to the European Commission over the Scottish Government’s failure to protect spring salmon stocks from being exploited by coastal netting in the River South Esk Special Area of Conservation.

Main Issues: